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8 Major Keys to Achieve The Success in SEO Results

According to experts, there are more than 100 algorithms presently used by Google in order to compare all the pages in its database to match a keyword query. There has been a debate for long over the relevancy of the most important elements. Here is a look at some of the major keys to achieve the success in SEO results: “89 % Of Consumers Use Search Engines To Make Their Purchasing Decisions” 1.      Know Your Number – You are recommended to use analytics tools in order to determine how internet users are finding your website and what type of keywords they are using in doing so. It is always good to test and measure all possible efforts so as to increase referrals from Google – and replicate those that appear to be ...

Matt Cutts: Over Time Backlinks Will Likely to Be Less Important For Google

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, has again introduced a video sharing an important information about the backlinks in the Google ranking algorithm. He said that backlinks will become a little less important in the future. Google’s head of search spam explained that we are working now to find out if a web page meets the expectations of an experienced internet user. For this purpose, the team of Google keeps their keen eyes on links to the page, the reputation of the site and pages and the quality of the content on that particular page. He added that Google is expert at understanding understanding actual language, and natural language. You can go through their conversational search efforts to take an idea of...

Google Advises on How to Make Your Home Page Globally Recognized

An important suggestion from Google on “how to handle your home page when your site serves various languages and countries” has been recently published on the Google Website Central blog. Two most famous personalities named Gary Illyes and Zineb Ait Bahajji, Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, have decided to write this crucial post together trying to highlight the possibilities into three major categories: Having one home page that shows all internet users.Bringing all the visitors to a landing page, asking them to choose their desired home page.Using various location/language detection techniques, automatically redirecting users to the proper home page.All the above options are supported by Google, but this post is dedicated t...

Google Shows Their Disapproval of Making Any Algorithmic Changes Recently

Google Ranking shifts are not a recent Google update. Google denied to accept if they made any Algorithmic changes in the past few weeks. Over the recent times, some rumors have been in the air regarding the updates of Google’s algorithms and rankings. A huge group of internet users was ready to accept major Penguin or Panda-like algorithm announcement from Google. Recently, many businesses and individuals noticed a sudden change in Google rankings of their websites. Thus, they considered it a latest Google update. However, the picture was quite different according to Patrick Altoft, a Google spokesperson. He said, “Google never made the announcement, and so I asked the same from Google if anything was going on. They told me t...

Regression Of Google’s Matt Cuts On Acting Not Sooner On Paid Links & Content Farms

In a recent post, Google’s Matt Cutts has been asked, “What decision he regrets making in the past related to webspam? Taking no extra time, he affirms through a four minutes video, explaning he regrets not acting sooner on paid links and content farms.  Google’s Paid Links Regret Matt explained that some time before a search conference was conducted in San Jose, where a reputed SEO highlighted the fact that the paid links are too common and there are, of course, no ways for Google to fight against it. This is the time when he first realized that Google has missed something and allowed paid links that passed PageRank to go too far. And, of course,  in the year of 2005 and so, Google cracked down heavily on paid links and n...

Google Panda 4.0 Rolles Out To Hit Sites With Low Quality Content

The most awaited suspense has been disclosed when Google confirmed an update over the weekend targeting spammy queries last night. According to the post of Google’s Matt Cutts on Twitter, Panda 4.0 was rolled out to hit the website with low-quality content. Known as a new Panda algorithm, this update  impacts ~7.5% of English queries to a degree that a regular user might notice, said Matt Cutts. He added, “This update may work better for some websites, but it does lay the groundwork to future changes in the direction of a softer and gentler Panda algorithm.” The update has been good for many companies to make them winners, however, there are a few companies which have noticed an extreme fall in their rankings due to Panda 4...

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