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E-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce Solutions - Let Your Customers Have An Unforgettable Shopping Experience!

Building a siteover the Internet doesn’t automatically give you an online business. No matter whether you are going to sell a product or service, your site needs to generate income. At Website Monster, we are full of ecommerce solutions that work for your business model and needs.

Shopping Cart Solutions

Our shopping cart software includes all the possible advanced features that your online business needs to make your website user-friendly and also a practical solution for your business. We use shopping carts that are designed to be easy to setup. With our designed website equipped with hi-tech enabled features, you will be able to place an unlimited number of products on your website. The online shopping carts used by our team of skilled developers are easy to setup for as many products as your business has now and will have in the future.

Some major shopping carts we apply at Website Monster:

  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • ZenCart
  • OsCommerce

Payment Gateway

At Website Monster, we work with Paypal, CCAvenue, Authorize.Net, eWAY, PayWay, and all other major gateways. Sign up with any of the available gateway services in order to enable the real-time credit card processing for your online shopping business; a list can be found here.With us, you can give your website fast and easy integration. You can simply enter your gateway login information into the cart. No additional programming is required for this job. If you are unable to see the gateway you use now, we can add certain gateways on your request.

Secure SSL Shopping Cart – Protect Your Customers And Your Business

When your user opens your website and starts doing a transaction through his browser, an SSL “handshake” checks the authenticity of your site and creates a unique session key for that visit by that particular online customer. This is also for a unique encryption method associated with that customer’s session on your website. Here this unique key is referred to as a code that is primary responsible for allowing the information to send back and forth to be unencrypted. These keys typically change with every session and make it very difficult that they will be decoded by any hacker. There are very less possibilities of decoding that session keys by the hackers. Even if they could ultimately break the code it would take much longer to do that than the transaction would ever take.


SSL encryption allows important information, including your customer’s credit card data to be transmitted safely and securely without the possibility that this information is deciphered by intruders or hackers. At Website Monster, we build your website using a secure SSL shopping cart software that will allow your customers to have a full confidence in your online business. We ensure provide you with a platform where a transparent and reliable bonding is made between you and your customers.