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Google Panda 4.0 Rolles Out To Hit Sites With Low Quality Content

The most awaited suspense has been disclosed when Google confirmed an update over the weekend targeting spammy queries last night. According to the post of Google’s Matt Cutts on Twitter, Panda 4.0 was rolled out to hit the website with low-quality content.

Known as a new Panda algorithm, this update  impacts ~7.5% of English queries to a degree that a regular user might notice, said Matt Cutts. He added, “This update may work better for some websites, but it does lay the groundwork to future changes in the direction of a softer and gentler Panda algorithm.”

The update has been good for many companies to make them winners, however, there are a few companies which have noticed an extreme fall in their rankings due to Panda 4.0. You can refer the winners and loser charts by Searchmetrics to find out the exact condition of the company. According to this data, eBay lost a tremendous amount of traffic from Google. Ask.com was also another loser in this segment. This search engine has lost a remarkable amount of traffic in their Questions section at ask.com/question/.

There is no connection between this latest Panda update and the Google Spam Algorithm 2.0 released over the weekend. It’s quite different from the Penguin update as well.

Google showed red signals over the confirmation of Panda updates last year and then began doing rolling updates. However, that doesn’t mean Google haven’t put efforts in tuning the algorithm. They tried harder in softening it recently and there have been a few refreshes monthly, some larger than others, but it is actually quite difficult to know if it was Panda or something else.

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