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Regression Of Google’s Matt Cuts On Acting Not Sooner On Paid Links & Content Farms

In a recent post, Google’s Matt Cutts has been asked, “What decision he regrets making in the past related to webspam? Taking no extra time, he affirms through a four minutes video, explaning he regrets not acting sooner on paid links and content farms.

 Google’s Paid Links Regret

Matt explained that some time before a search conference was conducted in San Jose, where a reputed SEO highlighted the fact that the paid links are too common and there are, of course, no ways for Google to fight against it. This is the time when he first realized that Google has missed something and allowed paid links that passed PageRank to go too far. And, of course,  in the year of 2005 and so, Google cracked down heavily on paid links and now many people realize that paid links are against Google’s guidelines, possibly against the FTC’s guidelines. Matt says that he now regrets not taking action sooner and waiting too long.

Google’s Content Farms Regret

As a second regret, Matt explained that he also regrets not acting sooner on content farms. He says that he got some user complaints about the horrible user experience some of these content farms had. However, when Matt himself visited one of the websites based on a search on how to fix a toilet in his home, he felt that the user experience was great.

Because of the over generalization, Google didn’t show a quick response as they should have on content farms and, so it soon became more of an issue on the internet and for Google to deal with.